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ID Badges

Student ID / HomeSchool Teacher ID

      Each student and at least one parent from all PATH families are required to obtain a Student ID and  HomeSchool Teacher ID.  There is no fee for the first set of PATH ID’s, it is included in the annual membership dues.  However if a replacement ID is needed see below for details. Many of the facilities that our group attends for field trips require official group ID’s.   The badge will be a attached to a lanyard.  Below is a policy outlining the detail regarding PATH ID badges.

ID Badge Policy 


The ID badges will be required for each person attending a PATH field trip. If a dad, grandparent or guest attends a PATH field trip, the field trip coordinator will provide a “Guest” ID badge, at no charge, and it must be returned to the field trip coordinator at the end of the outing.


If you forget your badge, we will attempt to make arrangements for you to participate without it.  However, if the destination requires the badge and denies access for lack of having a badge, you will not be given a refund for the activity. Each family is responsible for the safe keeping of their PATH ID badges.


Loss of an ID badge should be reported to Dawn Manwell. A replacement fee $2.00 will be charged for lost, stolen or defaced ID badges.

Sample of lanyard: 

Sample of ID