PATH Jobs List

First Name Last Name Jobs
Amy Frank Keepers of the Home Coordinator
Dana Carr Pizza Party Assistant; Theater Coordinator for Petite Rouge
Angela Bohlman Gingerbread Contest
Julie McGlinchey Webmaster
Christie Benton Christmas Party Coordinator
Carrie Beck Christmas Party Assistant
Roxanna Tineo Harvest Celebration Assistant
Cindy Teague Yearbook Assistant
Rafaella Colmie PATH board; yearbook coordinator
Dawn Manwell Badges; PATH facebook coordinator
Donna Burkovich Easter Egg Hunt Assistant
Elizabeth Angerman Field Trip Coordinator-Rural Hill
Amorette Nance Teen/Tween Field Trip Coordinator-Liberty Trail
Faith Glaser LNO Coordinator for Dec.
Lolly Bowers Ice Cream Social Coordinator
Jennifer Harris Field Trip Coordinator/Public speaking event; Theater Coordinator for Sunjata
Mandi Stone Valentine’s Day Bowling Coordinator
Tracy Dygert NC Dance Theater Contact; Theater Coordinator for Dragon
Jo Wall Park Day Coordinator; Theater Coordinator for Omimeo
Karen Gillespie Ice Cream Social Assistant
Kathy Reisner Ice Cream Social Assistant
Jenny Wan Easter Egg Hunt Coordinator
Kim Mears PATH board;GWN Coordinator; Weekly Update
Kristie Hunnicutt Christmas Party Coordinator; Theater Coordinator for Spelling 2-5-5
Kristie Molskness Field Trip Coordinator
Kris Waide Theater Coordinator for Hansel and Gretel; Theater Coordinator for A Christmas Carol
Laurie Liss LNO Coordinator for Oct.
Brenda Swing Pizza Party Coordinator
Malissa Hiott Field Trip Coordinator; Theater Coordinator for Miracle on 34th Street
Mary Stager Harvest Celebration Coordinator
Becca Riffle Valentine’s Day Bowling Assistant
Angi Derby Box Tops for Education
Monica Calello Field Day Coordinator
Jody Umansky Field Day Assistant
Becki Andrico LNO Coordinator for April
Becca Baez PATH Board
Becky Healy Theater Coordinator for 100 Dresses
Sarah Martin Community Service for Teen/Tweens-Fall
Shannon Wing Indoor Pizza Party Assistant
Suzanne Martin Theater Coordinator for Don’t Tell Me
Marie Beavers PATH Board; Testing Coordinator
Donna McWhorter Teen/Tween Community Service Coordinator –Spring
Regina Hickey PATH Board; Teen/Tween Event Coordinator
Donna Foltz Back-To-School-Picnic coordinator; Children’s Theater Contact
Jody Osuch Field Trip Coordinator